Wafer Paper VS. Icing Frosting Sheet

Wafer paper and icing sheets are both thin, edible paper-like substances that are used in cake decorating and pastry-making. However, they are made from different materials and have some distinct differences:

  • Wafer paper is made from potato or rice starch, while icing sheets are made from a mixture of sugar and cornstarch.

  • Wafer paper is translucent and has a slightly chewy texture, while icing sheets are white and have a smooth, firm texture.

  • Wafer paper can be molded and shaped into various forms, while icing sheets can be cut into any shape using scissors or a cutter.

  • Wafer paper is slightly sweet, while icing sheets have a more pronounced sweetness due to the high sugar content.

  • Wafer paper is more delicate and prone to tearing, while icing sheets are more durable and can be handled more easily.

  • Wafer paper is best suited for decorative purposes, while icing sheets are better for printing high-quality images and text.

Both wafer paper and icing sheets have their own unique characteristics and can be used in different ways in cake decorating and pastry-making. It's up to the individual baker or cake decorator to decide which one is the best fit for their needs.