Maximize Your Toppers: Discover Our New Technology for More Value and Less Waste!

Introducing our latest innovation in edible image printing technology - now with even more toppers per sheet than ever before! With our precise cutting and printing edge to edge, we can offer up to 20% more edible toppers on each icing sheet, which means less waste and more value for you.

Our new technology has enabled us to increase the number of toppers per sheet across our 3-inch, 1.5-inch, and 1-inch circles. Previously, we could offer up to 6 toppers on a 3-inch circle sheet, but with our new technology, we can now offer up to 8 toppers per sheet. Similarly, our 1.5-inch circles have increased from 30 toppers to 35, and our 1-inch circles have increased from 70 toppers to a whopping 88 per sheet.

Not only does this mean more value for your money, but it also means less waste in terms of unused icing sheets. With our precise cutting and printing technology, you can trust that each topper is perfectly printed and accurately cut, ensuring a seamless and professional finish on your baked goods.

Upgrade your edible image game with our new technology and enjoy more toppers per sheet, better value, and less waste. Try it out today and see the difference for yourself!